Sunday, 25 October 2015

Episode 020

Here is the 20th episode of the Classic Traveller podcast, giving referees more of the tools they need to create interesting and exciting adventures for their space Travellers.

Here ends the second season of the show, there will be a break while I tour a couple of Zhodani planets looking for inspiration to power season 3. Have no fear the show will return shortly!

  • Tircesoe Subsector: Hosqqanavos
  • Story seed: Blasted Tourists!
  • Rules talk: Hydrographic Percentage
  • Review: Marooned Alone(adventure)
  • Creature catalog: T’ark
  • People of Interest: Kirthuga Shaman

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1 comment:

  1. I'd really like to listen to episodes, but it's not available as a true podcast (i.e. RSS feed w/ enclosure elements pointing at the audio files) that allows podcast apps to play it. Any chance you can correct that?