Sunday, 11 October 2015

Episode 019

Here is the 19th episode of the Classic Traveller podcast, giving referees the tools they need to create interesting and exciting adventures for their space Travellers.
  • Tircesoe Subsector: Jadobuos
  • Story seed: Scientists Rule
  • Rules talk: Scouts, core and advanced
  • Review: Marooned (adventure)
  • Creature catalog: Death Nets
  • On the Nets: Bones Burnt Black
  • People of Interest: Race Finnunglan

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  1. Fabulous! Your is getting better with every edition. Would you consider covering the issue ship-to-ship combat and the role each crew position plays during a given combat round. Thank you for the blog-- I look forward to the next episode.

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  3. Great episode as usual. I really enjoy the Best Classic Traveller podcast on the web!

  4. I like the podcast and I am a big fan of the Classic Traveller system. Keep up the good work.


  5. As usual, I enjoyed the podcast. Thank you. Are you going to put them out once a month instead of every two weeks?

  6. While I'm not a Traveller player/GM ( more a Star Frontiers persion..) - I just wanted to let you know that your podcast is great inspiration for all fashion of Space-ship SciFi in general. You have a great production value on your Podcast.. please keep it up!

  7. Excellent episode. I am curious, though, as to why you don't put the links of the web resources in the show notes? Or maybe my non-standard browser is being wonky?

    1. Hi astrochelonian, linking in the blog tends to throw out the automatic RSS feed, so I avoid it. A pain, I know. Sorry.