Sunday, 19 June 2016

Series 4

The planning and plotting required for series 4 is underway...

Edit (17/07/2016): Still underway. Took a break to record an audio book (The Iraq Inquiry). I have six episodes planned, and after hitting the save button here, I'll be working up episode 7. As usual there will be 10 episodes in the series.

Edit (24/07/2016): Only two more episode to plan. Sorry about the delay, but have had a rush of work on lately including narrating "The Iraq Inquiry: Executive Summary", finishing off two other audio books, launching a Patreon account, and releasing a couple of new RPG products.  Yeah, lots to do. I may be slow but I am sure.

Edit (31/07/2016): One one more to go. Still in progress...

Edit (14/08/2016) : Finally finished scripting episode 31 the plan is to record and publish it next weekend :)