Sunday, 19 June 2016

Series 4

The planning and plotting required for series 4 is underway...

Edit (17/07/2016): Still underway. Took a break to record an audio book (The Iraq Inquiry). I have six episodes planned, and after hitting the save button here, I'll be working up episode 7. As usual there will be 10 episodes in the series.

Edit (24/07/2016): Only two more episode to plan. Sorry about the delay, but have had a rush of work on lately including narrating "The Iraq Inquiry: Executive Summary", finishing off two other audio books, launching a Patreon account, and releasing a couple of new RPG products.  Yeah, lots to do. I may be slow but I am sure.

Edit (31/07/2016): One one more to go. Still in progress...

Edit (14/08/2016) : Finally finished scripting episode 31 the plan is to record and publish it next weekend :)


  1. Looking forward to the next series.

  2. Hi Felbrigg,
    your podcast has been fantastic to listen to, very well made looking forward to more to come.
    kind regards,
    Steven Spizick.

  3. Thank goodness for that. I was missing the podcast.

  4. Excited to hear that the podcast is returning! I have listened to episodes 1-25 over the past few weeks. I only have 5 more to go and then I am caught up so new podcasts on the horizon is welcome indeed!

  5. Hello! Looking forward to the new season. Maybe I can contribute by asking a rather innocent question.

    The rules for world creation in CT and MT specify that to determine the hydrographic percentage of a planet, one rolls 2D6-7 + size; if the planet's size is 0 (or 1, in MT), the hydrographic percentage is automatically 0. If the planet's atmosphere is 0,1,A,B, or C, one add a DM of -4 (so the roll is really 2D6-11). This means that there's non-trivial chance of rolling a negative number, which of course is rather odd to me. Am I missing something in the rules? Perhaps I'm misreading the dice notation?


    Eduardo Alvarez

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