Monday, 21 December 2015

Episode 022

Here's the second episode of the third season. Today includes a mercenary scenario seed and a creature so cute - or repulsive you might just cry. Oh, and an ingenious killer. Yep it's another episode of the Classic Traveller podcast designed to inspire referees. In today's episode:

  • Tircesoe Subsector: Rasmabi
  • Story seed: Machinery evacuation
  • Rules talk: Learning skills
  • Special: Mystery in the game
  • Creature catalog: Pormortha
  • People of Interest: The Snipe
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  1. I don't see this podcast in iTunes. Do you have plans to add it to there in the future? That is the only way I manage my podcasts and doing so might boost the "signal" to others as well.

    1. Hi Jeff, if you're still around:
      open iTunes on your PC/Mac
      select the "File" menu item
      select "subscribe to podast" from the pulldown list
      paste "" in the URL window that pops up
      hit "OK"
      iTunes will pick up the shows for you.