Sunday, 2 August 2015

Episode 016

Episode 16 of the only Classic Traveller podcast is on the air...on the interweb!

Episode lineup:
  • Tircesoe Subsector: Rapreroos
  • Story seed: Get the message out
  • Rules talk: Sandcasters
  • Review: Alien Module Aslan
  • Create catalog: Spit-cat
  • People of Interest: Paulos Millet

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  1. I needed a good Aslan show! That was the race that steered me toward CT back in the 80's! I was a big fan of C.J. Cheryh's Hani/Chanur books.

  2. I saved episodes 16 and 17 for a long train journey, so I only just found out that you enjoyed my TAS letter enough to recite the whole thing. :-) Glad to be of service!

    Your chat on Sandcasters was very interesting. It's always been the Traveller weapon I've struggled the most to imagine, since I can't think of any science fiction films or TV shows in which something like that is used.