Sunday, 16 October 2016

Epsiode 033

You know, Classic Traveller is excellent, that's why I do this show. Tell someone today just how much you like Classic Traveller.

  • Faraenus Subsector: Qabonrei
  • Story Seed: New Materials
  • Rules Talk: High Passage
  • Creature catalog: Spear-Dog
  • People of Interest: Carlo Hostana
  • Review: The Cepheus Engine

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  1. Been enjoying the podcast immensely. I'm a long-time Traveller GM and player living and working in Vietnam. Currently I'm working on a Solo Traveller supplement (Classic of course). Check out my blog at if you have time. Anyways, keep up the good work!

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  3. Stellar work, as always, Felbrigg!

  4. Great blog. When do we get the next segment?

  5. Just checking in and hoping all is well.

  6. Also checking to see all is well?

    Missing my CT hit!

  7. Hoping all is well. I have been greatly enjoying the podcasts.

  8. Me too! I'm running Blakes 7 right now and am cribbing Classic Traveller for ideas and rules; and this podcast helps immensely. :)

    DM Mike

  9. Hi Felbrigg,
    Keep up the awesome podcast!!! Really enjoyed Decopedia BTW

  10. Felbrigg,
    Very interested in your thoughts regarding CT approach to planetary invasion. I'm currently running a CT campaign for my players where Zhodani forces have invaded Jewell. It's one thing to incapacitate local forces, another to maintain control. What strategies do you see played out by Zhodani forces both high-port and on the ground?
    Tel GM
    PS big hello from Mike and Pete, our crew has been enjoying CT since 1983